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Corrosion in the heating systems?

18 February 2019

BP 3 in 1 is the solution! Does corrosion in the heating systems cause strange gurgling in the boiler? Radiators don’t heat up as expected? Are they cold in the lower part? Is there dark liquid insi...

Video: Manta method for installers

19 April 2018

Not only products, but a method for installers: find out the 5 steps. Become a 2.0 installer with manta academy Easy and fast diagnosis of water Take care of the inlet water The first and widest range...

A method for installers above any product

6 March 2018

You can’t rely on products alone. And above all, you do not earn more by just thinking about products. Having excellent products is essential, but nowadays it is perhaps more important a method ...

Here’s how to earn more thanks to water purification, even if it never seemed useful

23 February 2018

Are you an installer or a service centre? Every day you realize that a revolution is taking place in the world of hydraulics. It has changed and it is much more difficult than before … And in t...